NOTICE – May 15, 2020

IMPORTANT NOTICE (Click to View) – May 15, 2020

TO: All Law Enforcement Agencies

From: Chief R. Alan Benefield

Date: May 15, 2020

Subject: EMERGENCY RULE – Basic (12 Hour) Continuing Education Requirements & Previously Certified Officers 

Emergency Rule 650-X-12-.02.01ER for Continuing Education (Click to View)

650-X-12-.02.01ER Continuing Education during the COVID-19 State of Emergency. Due to the ongoing state of emergency
resulting from COVID-19, this Emergency Rule shall be effective for a minimum of 120 days unless extended by supplemental
emergency proclamation by the Governor.

(1) The Commission authorizes its Executive Secretary to adjust the regulatory requirements relating to Continuing
Education for Law Enforcement Officers. Specifically, relating to the maximum of six (6) hours currently allowed for
video, computer, multimedia, or satellite-based training, this emergency rule allows for that maximum to be increased to
twelve (12) hours. Agency heads will be allowed to approve this exception, and they will also be allowed to waive the
requirement that a training coordinator be present during the training. The agency head may approve training which does not
include a post-viewing examination, as long as the training is of the type that includes participation/accountability
protocols and provides for documentation (i.e., email, electronic certificate, etc.) upon completion of training.
Documentation shall be retained by the agency.

(2) The Commission further authorizes its Executive Secretary to waive the provisional appointment restrictions
for previously certified officers who have been out of Alabama law enforcement for more than two (2) years and less than four
(4) years until such point the said officer can attend a refresher class. The Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the
employing agency must submit a letter to the Executive Secretary requesting the waiver of provisional restrictions
and confirm that the officer has been qualified to Commission standards with his/her service weapon, that the formerly
certified officer has filed a refresher application with the Commission, and acknowledge that following their appointment,
the officer will be required to attend the first available academy refresher class. Any individual officer who receives
this waiver and fails to attend the refresher class when enrolled will be required to forfeit his/her waiver for
provisional appointment.

(3) The Commission may extend the six-month (180 days) provisional appointment time for these officers to complete
the refresher training class when it is necessary and convenient to the Commission in providing such class. Any
officer who fails to attend the first available academy refresher class for which he/she is enrolled and who has
exceeded his/her six-moth (180 days) provisional appointment time shall be required to attend the complete 520-hour basic
academy course.

Author: R. Alan Benefield, Executive Secretary
Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§36-21-40 et seq.
History: Effective May 15, 2020.