Executive Level Training

January 13, 2022Building a Culture of Flexibility for Change LeadershipTroy University, Dothan CampusWebsite8
January 14, 2022Leadership Influence: Developing Your Emotional IntelligenceTroy University, Dothan CampusWebsite8
January 25, 2022The Power of Trust-based Law Enforcement LeadershipEnterprise State Community College (LBW Student Center)(334) 215-8504
April 6, 2022 - April 8, 2022New Chief's Development SeminarJSU McClellan Center, Anniston, AL Website24
April 7, 2022Operational Crisis Management and Incident CommandJSU McClellan Center, Anniston, AL Website8
April 8, 2022Media Relations for ManagementJSU McClellan Center, Anniston, AL Website8
June 9, 2022Community PolicingJSU Little River Canyon, Ft. Payne, ALWebsite8
June 10, 2022When Good Cops Go BadJSU Little River Canyon, Ft. Payne, AL Website8
October 5, 2022 - October 7, 2022New Chief's Development SeminarALEEVOC, Montgomery, AL Website24
November 3, 2022The Leader as an IndividualUNA Florence, AL Website8
November 4, 2022Conflict and the Toxic EmployeeUNA Florence, AL Website8
MonthlyALEA AISO TrainingMontgomery, ALAISO Flyer2