NOTICE – November 30, 2020 – Psychological Evaluation Requirements


Click here to view the official letter regarding Psychological Evaluation Requirements beginning January 1, 2021. 



The Alabama Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission (Commission) has amended the Alabama Administrative Code (Peace Officers), RULE 650-X-2-.04 PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS, to require all academy applicants, both basic and lateral/refresher applicants, to submit to a psychological evaluation conducted by a Licensed Behavioral Health Professional. This requirement is effective with all applications submitted to the Commission on or after January 1, 2021. The Commission adopted APOST Form Number 3B, Psychological Evaluation, which is required to be submitted with each application. The complete text of the regulation is attached and can also be found on the APOSTC website.

The Physical Examinations requirement has been amended to comply with current statutes as to who is authorized to conduct physical examinations. APOST Form Number 3, Physical Examination, has been re-numbered to APOST Form Number 3A.

The Forms can be found on the APOSTC web site in the navigation panel.


  1. Physical Examinations. Each applicant shall submit to a complete physical examination conducted by a licensed Medical Doctor (M.D.), a licensed Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), or by a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) or a Physician’s Assistant (P.A.) who is licensed and duly authorized by state statute to conduct said physical examinations. The appointing authority shall designate one of the above-named health care professionals to conduct the physical examination. The health care professional conducting the examination shall certify to the Commission on APOST Form Number 3A that the applicant is physically fit and in good health to participate in the rigorous training conducted at a law enforcement academy and is physically fit to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer.


  1. Psychological Evaluations. Each applicant shall submit to a comprehensive psychological evaluation by a Licensed Behavioral Health Professional with experience in conducting Psychological Testing and Evaluations.  The Behavioral Health Professional shall have experience working with the law enforcement community. The report of the examining professional shall state whether the applicant is recommended or not recommended for employment/appointment as a law enforcement officer. The examining professional shall complete and submit to the Commission APOST Form Number 3B.

Should the report of the examining professional provide a recommendation other than “Recommended for employment/appointment as a law enforcement officer,” and the employing agency submits to the Commission an Application for Certification of the individual notwithstanding said recommendation, then the employing agency must provide documented, supplemental information to the Commission to support and validate the fitness of the applicant to be certified as a law enforcement officer.


  • The psychological evaluation administered to law enforcement officers must meet the approval of the Commission.


  • An applicant who fails to receive a positive assessment of his or her psychological evaluation is not eligible for employment/appointment for a period of one (1) year. The applicant is not exempt from Rule 650-X-2-.01.