Important Notice

APOSTC REQUIRED IN-SERVICE TRAINING – to be completed by 12/31/2023.

TRAINING MANDATE – APOSTC Implicit Bias: Concepts and Countermeasures

The Alabama Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission (Commission) mandated, in August of 2020, that all certified law enforcement officers in the state of Alabama receive the 4-hour APOSTC course Implicit Bias: Concepts and Countermeasures. This course will count for 4-hours of the officer’s 12-hour continuing education requirement.

Any officer who received this training by attending an APOSTC academy or lateral/refresher course beginning in January, 2021, will not be required to attend.

For information regarding “Train-The-Trainer” classes or to schedule training for officers, contact:

Captain Randy Vaughn, Director

APOSTC Law Enforcement Academy at Tuscaloosa

(205) 759 -3000 or rvaughn@leat.org